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A2D2 Stream

A2D2 Stream

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The smart device that allows you to listen to your Vinyl collection on any smart WiFi-enabled speaker

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Stream any analogue audio source to your smart speaker network, regardless of manufacturer. Easy control from your smartphone, and direct integration with AirPlay, Chromecast and Sonos for multiroom listening. Everything works seamlessly with WiFi


Sample Rate/Bit Depth Up to 192Khz/24bit
Supported Codecs FLAC, MP3, WAV
Audio-passthrough Passive (doesn't pass through ADC)
Inputs Phono/RCA Line in
Outputs 3.5mm & Phono/RCA Line out

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Works with everything

If your device outputs analogue audio, A2D2 can hear it. It'll digitise the audio it receives and then beam it to whatever device you like. We designed A2D2 to work best with Smart Speakers, but you can also tune in on your PC/Mac or Smart TV.

For private listening, you can even use your smartphone with Bluetooth or wired headphones as a portable headphone amplifier.

Space-saving design

With the footprint of a credit card, A2D2 is small enough to fit discreetly into your current setup. It's small, but mighty.

  • Sonos

  • Airplay

  • Chromecast

  • Alexa

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