• Jon B

    "My record player has never sounded so good."

  • Peter M

    "As I listened to the new Pearl Jam record on all the speakers in my house including the stereo pairs, I could not have thanked you enough. It was glorious."

  • Sarah

    "We love it. What a great little A2D2!"

Works with everything

Connect anything with an analogue audio output to A2D2 Stream and listen on any smart speaker, from any manufacturer.

Bring your turntable, CD player, Cassette deck or MiniDisc player into your smart home ecosystem.

Connect to your Amplifier's line-out and enjoy any source in any room in your home.

Explore A2D2 Stream

iOS available now. Android launching soon.

Control everything with your Smartphone

Use our free App to manage your A2D2 Stream. In one tap, send your analogue audio to any combination of smart speakers in your home.

Don't have a smartphone? Manage A2D2 Stream from any device with a web browser.

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Faithfully reproduces your Audio

With up to 96KHz/24-bit lossless analogue to digital conversion, your audio sources will be captured just as the recording studio intended.

Technical Information