How do I listen to my record player on my smart speaker?

Plug your record player into the audio input of A2D2. You'll need a turntable with a line output, or you'll need a phono pre-amp.

Join A2D2 to your wireless network and it will discover the smart speakers on your network. Simply tap the speaker icon on the A2D2 app for the speaker you'd like to hear your audio on and A2D2 will do the rest!

How many speakers can you have connected to A2D2?

A2D2 will find all the smart speakers on your network, and you can play to one speaker at a time, or multiple speakers. If they're from the same manufacturer, the audio will be in perfect sync!

Do I need a pre-amp or amplifier?

You don't need an amplifier for A2D2 to work, although it has an audio output to allow you to connect A2D2 between your analogue device and amplifier if you have one.

If you're connecting a record player, you'll need a pre-amp. Many turntables now have them built-in. We can help check out the model of turntable you have, just get in touch!

Do you need speakers?

Whilst we designed A2D2 primarily to listen via smart speakers, you can 'tune in' to the feed via your smartphone. Ideal for quiet listening with headphones, either wired or bluetooth.

Is this an analogue to digital converter?

Absolutely! A2D2 takes an analogue audio input, digitises it and then distributes it across your home network.


Get in touch, and our team would be delighted to help.