A Glaring Gender Gap Persists In UK Festival Line-Ups

The UK's festival season is in full swing, but a new study throws a spotlight on a persistent issue, the lack of gender equality on the main stages. While powerhouse female artists like Dua Lipa and Rae are dominating the charts, the number of female acts booked at major festivals pales in comparison to their male counterparts.

We conducted an analysis of ten of the UK's biggest and most popular festivals. Their findings reveal a shocking disparity, 63% of acts are male artists or all-male bands, compared to just 21% for female solo artists or female-led groups. This means that for every three male acts gracing the festival stages, there's only one for women.


The analysis reveals some variation across festivals. Latitude Festival stands out for having the best representation of female acts among the biggest and most popular festivals in the UK, with 30% of its lineup featuring female artists. At the other end of the spectrum lies Creamfields, a popular electronic dance music festival, where only 10% of the acts are female, with a staggering 81% being male.

UK music festivals have a responsibility to create a more inclusive environment that celebrates the entire spectrum of musical talent. This analysis serves as a strong call to action for festival organisers. Female artists deserve the same level of exposure and opportunity to showcase their music on the biggest stages.


This research was compiled using the available line-ups featured on the festival websites in June 2024. For the huge festivals such as Glastonbury, only the headlining acts have been analysed. 


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